Hello and welcome to our Ofsted rated “Good” Nursery for children aged 2, 3 or 4 years old.

We are a private day nursery in Leigh, established in 2014, with a very good reputation for giving your children excellent learning in a caring, exciting and loving environment.  The Nursery is open Monday to Friday, during school term time, from 9am to 3.30pm each day.

Ofsted Rated 'Good'

Our 2 year olds nursery was awarded a “Good” rating from our first Ofsted inspection, with many areas considered to be “Outstanding”. We’re building on this and hope to receive an even better Ofsted rating at our next inspection.


We want your children to be happy, sociable, confident, independent and wanting to explore new things each day at Nursery.

As well as learning and play, interacting with other children are part of a normal day in the Nursery.  Children learn at their own pace and in their space, nurtured as individuals, with the plan to prepare them to be school ready.


We are committed to ensuring the Nursery is a very safe place for your child. We have a secure play area and garden with toys and equipment for boys and girls.The Nursery is checked daily to ensure it is completely safe for your child and our health and safety policies are available for you to look at.

Safeguarding of your child is very important to us.  We and Wigan Safeguarding team work closely to ensure your child remains safe.

Our Nursery team will be caring and loving to your child.  They are very well trained, excel at working with children and are hand-picked for their ability to bring out the best in your child.

To reassure parents that your child is happy in Nursery we will give you regular updates on your child’s progress.

Our aim is to always provide the best outcomes for both children and their families.


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Our aims for children

  • To provide a safe, welcoming, and happy learning environment.
  • To promote independence, self-confidence, and self-esteem.
  • To allow children to explore and learn with freedom.
  • To provide plenty of opportunities for physical exercise, both indoors and outdoors.
  • To help children transition between home and other settings.

Children learn faster in their first three years than later in life. Your child’s learning will be play based in our safe, secure and challenging nursery and based around the prime areas of communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development to start their curiosity and specific activities of literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive art and design to widen their learning.

Your child’s education will be developed by playing and exploring, active learning as they take part in activities and mix with other children and through developing their own ideas and completing activities.

Most children love starting nursery, as well as an exciting time it can be upsetting for some children and parents.  We want to ensure that every child’s start is as calm and enjoyable as possible.  To help this we offer a settling in period to help each individual child and family, which will be different for each child.  Please contact the Nursery for more details or to book a visit.

During the settling in visits, we will get to know your child’s routine and what keeps them comfortable or their favourite activity.

We always work very closely with parents and if you feel your child has a disability or special educational needs please speak to us and we will make arrangements in the nursery or with Wigan Council early years professionals.

Our Aims For Parents And Carers

  • To keep parents informed of, and involved with, their child’s development.
  • To listen to, and respond to, views, concerns, and opinions.
  • To support and work with parents to give the best education through the key person system.

During their time at nursery we will provide snacks which will be healthy and nutritious. For each child we will ensure they are not allergic to anything.

The three years from your child aged 2 to aged 4 will soon pass and starting school is the next important milestone for you and your child. Children’s early learning experiences are important and form the base for their future lives. They will have had lots of learning, made friends, have confidence and learnt many new things.  

At the nursery we will spend time with your child to become school ready reading books about school, role playing about teacher and child and doing fun sports activities.

When they leave Nursery we plan for your child to be school ready and we will support you and your child to make it easy to start the next stage of their education.

Before the child leaves us and moves to school we will work with the school to ensure the move is smooth and has the least negative affect on your child.

Parents will be involved in the transfer to school and we will help you to make sure the move goes smoothly.

Our Aims For Staff

  • To provide a warm and friendly welcome to all.
  • Evaluate their practice using self evaluation.
  • Promote their continuous development through training and courses.
  • Ensure all staff are good role models for both children and parents and carers.
  • Work alongside other professionals to improve the nursery and children’s education.

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