We provide activities for local people to improve their day to day and longer term lives.  These activities include an early years nursery for 2, 3 and 4 year olds, rated as “Good” by Ofsted.  The day to day work with local children in the nursery is to help them grow as individuals and be ready for primary school.

To give more support to families we have a Community Food Shop, to give people high quality, affordable food within easy reach.

In addition to these we also have HUB, adult day care, physical and social activities for all ages and future employment training for individuals and groups.

From April 2021, we’ll be developing the employment support more, working with other organisations in the area and taking advantage of opportunities from Manchester Business Growth Company.

To give families more opportunity to thrive in the future, we will be holding Tiny Tots sessions for 0-2 year olds and their parents to develop key communication and social skills for children and parenting skills for mums, dads and carers.

Our Activities

Come and enjoy our fantastic activities! Everyone is welcome at Higher Folds Community Centre

A Community Centre And Early Years Nursery

You can find us on the Higher Folds estate in Leigh, our Community Centre and Nursery educates, provides activities and supports families and people of all ages. We opened our doors in 1998 and the Nursery in 2014, creating a space for early years children to become school-ready, reduce the isolation of older local people, and help parents connect with each other.


Meet Our Team

Our wonderful team will be here to help you and welcome you to the centre


Our Achievements And Brief History


June 23

1998 – Private Limited Company formed

June 17

1999 – Registered as a Charity

June 19

1999-2007: All activities led by volunteers

June 15

2007 – Building refurbished and extended by Coalfields Regeneration Trust

June 20

2008-2013: BIG Lottery Reaching Communities Funding awarded.

  • Paid staff appointed to deliver activities
  • 137 people attended training courses each week to improve life chances
  •  210 people gained IT skills
  • 2,590 attendances at confidence building courses
  • 70 people each week attended exercise and healthy eating classes
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June 13

2013 – Completed Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses course

June 28

2013- 2016 – Wigan Council Community Investment Fund Grant of £90,000 awarded

Outcomes included:

  • 106 people gained work related skills and qualifications
  • 4 new business start-ups
  • 141 people took part in sport and health activities each week
  • 112 people attended the Centre each week to reduce their isolation

117 young people attended the Centre each week, reducing youth offending on the estate.

June 14

2014 – Higher Folds 2 Year Olds Nursery opened to offer early years education and generate trading income.

April 19

2016 – Hosted the Wigan Council Deal 2020 consultation event

June 30

2016 – Leigh Folds Junior Football Club for boys and girls formed

  • – 60 boys and girls ages 6-16
July 8

2016-2019 – BIG Lottery Reaching Communities Funding awarded for

  • Improving the fitness and health of local people. Over 130 each week.
  • Improving life skills and chances of employment. 31 people used our activities.
  • Reducing isolation of local residents. Over 150 each week
  • Engaging volunteers. 40+ engaged.

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July 30

2017 – Higher Folds Nursery rated “Good” by Ofsted

September 29

2017 – “Tiny Tots” pre-Nursery sessions introduced for parents and 0-2 year olds

October 29

2017 – Wigan Council Community Investment Fund Grant of £9,400 awarded for fitness and health of local residents.

Outcomes include

  • 64 Nursery children learnt to swim
  • 14 football coaches gained level 1 and 2 coaching badges
  • 70 people attended weekly “social” walks
  • 54 people attended weekly “social” rides
  • Karate, Pilates and Yoga sessions introduced at the Community Centre
  • Lease of football pitches adjacent to the Community Centre from Wigan Council
June 1

2018 – Awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service for success in engaging and employing local volunteers

June 1

2019 – Hosted Local Delivery Pilot health and well-being Fun Day with Wigan Borough CCG, Wigan Council and Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles. 240 attended.

June 23

2014 – Hosted initial Participatory Budget project in Wigan with Greater Manchester Police and Wigan Council

July 28

2019 – Hosted the Wigan Council Deal for residents Towards 2030 event

January 16

2019 – Awarded ‘Power To Change’ Funding for a community business around providing affordable food for the community.

November 23

2020 – the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. We re-imagined our business to extend our Nursery for the many vulnerable children on our estate and grew our food business to look after the many families in difficulty on the Estate. Thanks to Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Power to Change, The National Lottery and Wigan Council for making this possible.

February 1

2021 – Awarded The National Lottery Reaching Communities Grant

To continue and develop our Community Food Business and Pre Nursery sessions for local children and parents.